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Charmaine Adam Guest Speaker at SHEtalks

SHE Talks - My Big Idea 'Celebrating Women's Bright Minds' Eight bright woman have been selected to take the stage for MELBOURNE Day.

And how exciting that Charmaine Adam will be one of the 8 women celebrating women's bright minds.

Charmaine has devoted the past 9 years of her life studying various personal development techniques, energy healing modalities, Sacred Sexuality , Tantra , Quantum Mechanics , Serenity Vibration Healing, Amongst may other tools to develop and awaken a individuals full human potential.

Charmaine is enriched with wisdom knowledge and teachings that support personal awareness and development. Charmaine's passions is bridging the worlds of spirituality and science.

Charmaine will be one of the 8 women sharing her wisdom and stories around sexuality. A taboo topic for many, however Charmaine's intention is to inspire and open our hearts and minds to viewing and understanding our organic sexual nature from a place of wonder rather then shame and embarrassment.

Each speaker will share a very different topic... These are women with a BOLD INSIGHT or a BIG IDEA that will connect, entertain, enlighten, inspire, even shock and most definitely provide a spark to positively shape the way we lsee and do our lives.

If you would like to learn more about Charmaine please follow her link at

If your feeling curious or interested in attending SHEtalks please follow the link to purchase your tickets.

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