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Love Intimacy and Sexuality evokes various human emotions like , desire , joy , happiness fear , worry and concerns to name a few. Our thoughts and beliefs can assist us to become closer or more distant in a relationship. Our experiences can be insightful in our ability to communicate or perhaps cause disfunction and inability to communicate .

Our quality in relationships begins firstly with ourselves. Our attitudes, beliefs, family/cultural conditioning , life experience and emotional intelligence can all be co factors in our ability to find a compatible partner or soul mate.  

When you have clear communication from heart and mind, clear definitions around your needs wants and desires along with open honest communication. You can create and build a happy harmonious and consciously for filling relationship with another or with yourself.

However if you are unclear of you needs wants and desires, or your heart and mind speak a different language, constantly seeking others to for-fill you or keep you occupied then you will most likely find relationships that are co dependant emotionally toxic, emotionally draining and dramatic.

Either way its important to build your own tools and knowledge around the relationship you have with yourself so that you can build a relationship with another that supports clarity , harmony , clear communication , honouring boundaries, satisfying sex and a extraordinary relationship.

So in order to have a extraordinary relationship lets get clear with how you relate to your own heart. Deepen your awareness around your own love language and your partners love language. Learn new ways to communicate that brings more joy love and harmony.  

This day is all about getting clear with yourself and or with your partner around communication , love, your capacity for intimacy and guilt free extraordinary sex. 

During this day we will 

* Learn The 7 Different Types of Love 
* Explore the Heart and Opening of the Heart
* Deepen your Awareness around Heart and Mind Communication
* Understand Love Languages and Communication
* Learn about The 8 Different Levels of Intimacy
* Exploring Sexuality from the Heart
* Communication around Sexual Desires
*Sacred Sexuality Techniques to Deepen love intimacy and sex
*Erotic IQ discussion with Jaida Love

Who is this For?

Couples or Singles would like to:-

* Gain clarity around your needs, wants and desires
* Step into open clear authentic communication
* Let go of shame guilt and fear around loss or not being enough
* Get clear on sex and intimacy and how the opposite sex responds 
to both
* Learn your partners love language to create more harmony in the relationship
* Explore ordinary relationships verses Extraordinary relationships 
* Practices and Exercises that you can take away with you for love , Sex and Intimacy 

And so much more.

During Love Intimacy and Sexuality Event you will experience

* Discussions - Deepening knowledge 
* Partnered Exercises - Exploration 
* Individual Exercises - Exploration
* Practices - Partnered , Individual 

Workbook included 

Investment for the day

$350 per couple
$200 Single

What to Bring

* Water
* Cushion/blanket
* Comfortable clothing for floor exercises
* Open Heart and Mind
* Honour and Integrity
* Light snacks

This is a fully clothed event and although topics of sexuality are covered there is no sex involved.

About Charmaine Adam

Charmaine has been a facilitator , speaker , intimacy , lifestyle and sexuality coach for 7 years. Her experience within sacred sexuality, tantric practices and tantric philosophies has taken her teachings to various places around the world. Charmaine has worked with couples , men and women, assisting them to deepen into self love , gain clarity around intimacy , and open up to sacred sexuality practices to enrich life. Charmaine is passionate about transforming lives, awakening and reminding individuals of the full human potential. She has studied with some of the best leaders in her field. Jaida Love, International Institute of Tantra, Diane and Kerry Riley Australian Institute of Tantra, Destin Gerek The Evolved Masculine and Bud Barber The Heart of Shiva . 

Guest Speaker Jaida Love

Dr Jaida Love, Metaphysicist, Speaker, Facilitator, Erotic IQ Coach, Psychobiotherapist, Sexologist.

Jaida is inspired to work with individuals who are at a crossroads in their lives. As a Business coach and Mentor i am able to work with grounding, Expansion, Inspiration and filtering lives to be more Empowered, Awakened, Activated and Conscious. Combining Spirituality, Neuroscience, and Mind Mapping Skills - the new frontier of Intellectual Expansion has begun. I am exclusively passionate about Women's growth and mumpreneurs.

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