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The Leap
Take the Quantum leap in Personal transformation

These sessions are priced at $300 for the hour. Where you come to us for a face to face session in person. 


These sessions are priced at $250 for the hour.  The session is done over the phone or via Skype


Groups sessions are a min of 3 and maximum of 5 people. It can be done in person face to face or via conference calling. Each person pays $180 for the hour, and all participants must have the same theme for the session.


Testimonial # 1

Before seeing Charmaine I'd spent plenty of time and money trying to correct some unhelpful thoughts and belief systems. I'd had limited success and was over talking around in circles. Charmaine's intuitive ability to get straight to the root cause and start shifting blocks has been the help I've been looking for. I've never felt more clear headed and in control of my emotions. To me Charmaine is part counsellor, part intuitive investigator, part life coach and even an occasional business coach.  


Lena - Melb -Chiropractor

Testimonial # 2

I have been seeing Charmaine and having SVH sessions for over a year now, and i can confidently say that her guidance accompanied by SVH tools have transformed my life for the better.

The work Charmaine does with SVH is deep and transformational. I always leave a session with clarity direction and purpose, and feeling of being centred and grounded.


I often seek SVH sessions regarding Career, Family and Relationships along with metaphysical subjects , intuition, manifestation and anything else that presents in my life.


There is no subject or issue that i wouldn't hesitate to seek advise from Charmaine. Over time i have acquired confidence and clarity around my career. Charmaine has assisted in the emancipation of toxic relationships, as well as giving me insight and advice around new ones.


Charmaine has given me fantastic manifestation tools which i love as well as clearing tools to use in everyday life. In addition, over time session after session there is a feeling of inner peace that continues to grow. In the time that i have been seeing her, i have become more and more myself.

I am grateful and blessed to be able to receive her help and guidance. I thank her infinity.

Holly - Melb- Pilates Instructor

Testimonial # 3

Having worked with Charmaine for a period of 3 years now (on a casual basis), she has supported me in everything from dealing with emotional trauma, making clear business decisions and getting in touch with my intuitive abilities.

To be able to work with someone so diverse, and have them deliver every time is extremely valuable.

Her extremely loving and caring nature just adds to the experience

Marko Petrovic - Melb - Coach -Keynote speaker- Health and nutritionist

Testimonial # 4

“Charmaine really blew me away when she brought me into her room at Essentially Exotique that day. I mean I didn’t know what to expect, it had been especially recommended this technique—Called SVH, or Serenity Vibration Healing. All I knew was I at a place in my life where things weren’t working, that I felt depressed, blocked and powerless. I was suffering through some traumatic events and I sensed that Charmaine could help me.

Well, I wont give away the specifics of the process, but I will tell you that we addressed many areas that I was struggling with and then as if by magic, changes started manifesting within a couple days. Money started filtering in, new opportunities presented themselves and a resolution to an emotional loss occurred. I felt really at peace and started back on my road to empowerment free of fear. Transformation on many levels had been kick-started. It was exciting times.

I must say Charmaine’s an accurate and highly-entertaining intuitive. She also does follow-ups which I truly appreciated. She’s truly a unique and caring soul. I went away from our session with a smile on my face.

So, if you’re at the stage in your life where you’re honestly ready for change, I couldn’t recommend her work more.”

Chanel - Melb -  Business Admin

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