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About Charmaine

Charmaine has dedicated her life life work in developing her own intuitive intelligence. With 12 years experience as a teacher, educator, keynote speaker and facilitator of Intuitive Intelligence and sexual embodiment.  


Charmaine has made it her life 's work to assist others to development and master their own intuitive intelligence so that they can lead with influence and experience assured success in many areas of life. From business to wealth creation, relationships any many more.


With proven scientific research, hours of professional study Charmaine has had the privilege in helping thousands of men, women and couple’s world wide to transform their lives and live their life powerfully on purpose


Charmaine has been on the transformation personal development journey for 16 years, which has gifted her studies and certified in a mix of diverse holistic therapies ,coaching and mentoring skills


Her personal journey has been profound teaching her a lot about self love self respect and Intuitive Intelligence.  Charmaine is passionate about educating and teaching others to live life on purpose, empowered and passionately.  

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