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 awakening human potential

Awaken Human Potential has such a vast scope that any kind of difficulty in your life can be addressed. Clients have experienced breakthroughs in the following areas working with Quantum Level Reformatting tools with the use of SVH :


  • Health – physical and emotional

  • Relationships Restoring honoring and harmonious relationships

  • Grief and Loss

  • Work Relationship

  • Career and Life Direction

  • Family Issues

  • Traumas from the past, including rape and assault

  • Genetic conditions and inherited family patterns

  • Irrational fears / phobias

  • Maximising your potential

  • Difficult issues which have not responded to or been resolved by other healing/coaching methods

  • Spiritual issues

  • Curses and Spells

  • Past Life and Karmic Issues

  • Personal awareness

  • Evolving your spiritual growth to higher states of consciousness

  • Discovering your innate gifts

  • Self empowerment

  • Clearing limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings

  • Unfolding of your purpose

  • Clearing barriers and blocks to your goals

  • Removing of Genetic imprints and formatting

  • Clearing Traumas, fears and suppression profiles

Within each  of us lies human potential. Our focus is to awaken that human potential within you to assist in transformation that occurs on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

Our personal transformation sessions and events explore the concept that we are all made of quantum atomic particles of energy.  So we are in constant flow of energy in motion. From this quantum perspective, our thoughts and emotions create our reality.

Many of us are becoming more conscious and are beginning to realise the law of attraction , that if we we think positive then positive things will happen to us, and if we think negative then we experience negative things. This meaning that energy attracts like energy.

Most of our own barriers and blocks are held deep with the subconscious and unconscious mind, so thinking positive does not always give the most desirable outcome.  In order for a full shift of mindset or emotional wellbeing to occur in overcoming a block or barrier. One must look deep within the subconscious and unconscious to release the belief system, or thought process (known as random inner dialog) that holds the limiting pattern.

What makes us our technique work is our ability to coach your conscious mind, whilst deepening your awareness around the barriers blocks held in the subconscious, unconscious mind and emotional body,  that are in opposition to your conscious mind shift. When are conscious mind shifts into a new perspective and their is no opposition to this new mind set on subconscious,  unconscious or emotional body. Then your results are long lasting.

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