SHEtalks "My Big Idea" Melb 30th Aug

SHETalks® is a customised public speaking platform for women. The training is composed of science based self mastery tools.

SHE Talks® is the most effective customised speaker training platform for women. And has won Awards in the following:-

Civic award for Community project. 2 awards for Charitable acts. Ambassadorship for 2 Not-for-Profit organisations.

Eight bright woman have been selected from a call out by SHE Talks® to be professionally trained in PUBLIC SPEAKING at no-cost-to-them.

These are woman who who have never been trained to speak nor taken the stage. THEY DON'T APPEAR ANY DIFFERENT FROM ANYONE ELSE - ONLY, they are women who's impact on others has been profound.

Each with a very different topic...

These are women with a BOLD INSIGHT or a BIG IDEA that will connect, entertain, enlighten, inspire, even shock and most definitely provide a spark to positively shape the way we lsee and do our lives.

The Audience will have the opportunity to attend this substantial event for a minimal entry fee.

SHE Talks - My Big Idea is an event that gifts the audience with an opportunity to collaborate on a LEGACY PROJECT. We want you to take home more than the feeling of being entertained and inspired.

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